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Who We Are

Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery, support and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.


AcuFrame is a steel frame manufacturing company for project, supply and supervision with experience in ground-up construction, improvements and renovations. From small fix-up projects to full-scale construction of public and commercial facilities, AcuFrame specializes in delivering superior quality, no matter what the project. There is a difference in the way we do business, and it is one we are proud of. Our commitment is to make every project we work on the best it can possibly be for everyone involved. This commitment to quality for every project is the foundation of our company.
After a careful study of the Modular and Light Steel Frame Building Industry, AcuFrame has identified an opportunity in the market to introduce a unique, well-engineered, high quality product at cost effective levels. Our goal is to establish manufacturing and distribution partnerships in the building industry. We see an opportunity to offer superior service and products that are designed to benefit both the client and the environment.

What we do

AcuFrame is dedicated to providing a complete design and build system that is innovative, cost-effective, suitable for residential and commercial construction, and fast to construct in both developed and developing markets worldwide. The company stands behind the quality and reliability of the AcuFrame System products and services.

How we do it

The AcuFrame system can take your project drawings and create the resulting steel framing components. It then takes roll-fed steel and fabricates the construction materials including stamping for assembly. The building materials and assembly process reduces the skill level necessary for framing. While this is an oversimplification, it summarizes the process. Fully engineered building materials are created by the system and shipped to location in containers or a system can be located regionally or directly onsite in what is called a “ Factory in a Can.”

The Advantages

Consumers opting for light gauge steel framing see benefits ranging from less maintenance to a stronger, lighter structure to healthier air quality due to a lack of off-gassing and chemical treatments. Steel is lighter in weight than other framing materials — 30 percent lighter than wood and 60 percent lighter than concrete. AcuFrame steel creates minimal waste, results in fewer call-backs for warranty issues such as popped nails and expansion and contraction, and is “ green” because it can be recycled. In the end, life cycle steel is more resilient and ultimately a less expensive building method.

Despite its many advantages, steel does conduct heat and cold more than wood and requires mitigation to address heat transfer. Steel framing requires insulation similar to other building materials such as wood, which is typically applied along the exterior flanges of the stud wall, thus isolating the steel from the outside environment. Once that is done, the thermal conductivity of steel will no longer become an issue and steel will perform the same as or better than a cavity insulated wood-framed wall. The insulated steel wall does not permit condensation to take place in the wall cavity and therefore, no discoloration or shadowing effect will happen.

Scientists, engineers and designers are developing new building systems and structures for earthquake prone regions. Compared with traditional masonry and timber framing, lightweight steel frame homes can be much safer during a seismic event. Approximately 40 countries in the world have high seismic regions where reinforced concrete and masonry have been the traditional materials of choice for housing and other building construction. Modern cold formed steel framing design and construction techniques are widely acknowledged as safer and more cost-effective in earthquake zones. Being lightweight, frames flex during an earthquake and absorb lateral movement without compromising the structural integrity of the building.


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“The assembling, screwing, stacking and loading of the end product onto the truck, ready to go, can all be done easily by low skilled or even unskilled labor.” Affordable Home Plans has been created with a flexible floor plan and styling to blend into a variety of global housing types and environment conditions. The design provides families with a combination of comfort and security, while utilizing efficient use of personal and family living spaces. Designs are optimized for fast construction with low material waste and pleasant living conditions.

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An attractive and secure social housing design which can be constructed anywhere in the world. While designed for the weather conditions of the tropical and sub- tropical climates, it is also suitable for colder climates as well with the substitution of thicker walls and heavier insulation.

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